Wishing to be Anywhere But Here

A Cold Winter Day

It was one of those days.

It started on Friday. The day was chilly and I wore my long-johns. Considering I was at the institute for over nine hours and didn’t sleep too well the past few days, I was ringing a recipe that would take my well-being away.

When Saturday rolled along, I was in the worst of the worst.

Back and Forth to the Hospital

Da Little One was especially hard hit with a hot, hot fever. Early in the morning around 7:00 am, Da Missus and I were off to the big hospital to figure out how to lower his 38.8°C temperature. We suspected the recent flu that was going about at work and at Da Little One’s kindergarten. When we got in, we couldn’t get any flu assessment because it takes a day to confirm or deny the illness.


We didn’t leave empty handed: We got some medicine to treat his fever and headed back home.

Saturday Afternoon Fever

Da Little One’s temperature shot as high at 40.2°C. He couldn’t move a millimeter. And I was comatose with my illness. As much as I wanted to get some thing done, I accomplished sleep and dreams.

In the evening, I was determined to have a place Da Missus would call clean. When she came around half-past midnight, I was more or less done with the house chores and my mind was spacing out.

I spent the past weekend sleeping and being semi-conscious. As much as I wanted to do something, the best I can do was none.

The Flu Confirmed

Sunday, same Bat time and Bat channel, it was confirmed: Da Little One had the flu. We had the medicine to treat that and his fever. Da Missus and I weren’t pleased, but we knew the enemy and how to fight it.

The family was split into two, with me and Da Boy going to church and Da Missus and Da Little One at home. Again, I was aching to do something meaningful, but I ended up with a prescription of more sleep and dreams. Other than a small window of consciousness around 10:00 pm, I was out like a light.

The Best Course of Action is None

We make due with what we got. And sometimes we have nothing in the tank. And that’s alright.

To persist in doing meaningful work despite the physical, mental, and spiritual strain is where our character is being forged in the hottest of fires.

Challenge and Determination

We need the tough challenges of horrible pain to realize where we’re at and how we can go about solving the issues at hand.

Some people work with much, much less physically like Jon Morrow and Nick Vujicic and did much more than what I’ve did! We have be straight up, shooting from the hip. If we have somewhere to go and do, go do it.

Let nothing stop you if this is what you want. I wanted to write this post, even though my head felt like two balloons. I say we do the best now and make most of each second.


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