Be Slow to Anger

Anger is a loss of control.

If you’re angry at a person, you’ve lost your control to that person.

If you’re angry at a car that just zipped by you, you lost your control to the driver that zipped passed you.

If you’re angry because the food you ordered was completely wrong, you lost your control your incorrect meal, the waiter that served you, and the cook that may made the wrong meal.

Control is important in life. It can mean the difference between happiness and sadness, life and death.

It’s obvious, and I’ll point it out, keep what is under control in your hands.

Look, it’s easy to explain away why you’re angry and they will be valid, strong points.

Still, the choice is yours to whether stay on the wheel or let it glide as it likes.

Be slow to anger if you’re going to be angry at all.

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