Accept Them as They Come

Whatever comes in your life, accept them.

Let them in.

Now that does not mean react.

Don’t start painting colors on each thought or event.

Do the best you can to see each comfort or discomfort.

And then let them go.

A lot of crap does come. They come many shapes and sizes.

Some look like they’ll eat you alive. They possibly could.

Accept them for what they are. No more or less.

Right now, I got this discomfort at the back of my neck. I acknowledge it. I do my best to see it for it is: my neck is a bit tense. Perhaps some muscle relaxant could help loosen up the discomfort. I put the cooling massage gel on the back of my neck.

It burns.

The discomfort as become some burning sensation.

I guess it’s better.

The meditation journey continues. It has allowed me to focus on my tasks as best as I can.

I can delay the skepticism for a time. I believe that I can do the work. I stay above the ground and below the clouds.

I can see the blue sky.

The words I write in Cyper fortunately has meaning to me. I know that I will have days where my writing may not be the best.

It’s possible that right now and the weeks to come could be awful.

But I’m still going to go at it.

Steady as it goes.

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