The Chuseok Holidays Continue

And they’ve been great.

I’m relatively well rested. I’ve gained weight. I don’t have much time to do the work.

But I trudge on as I can.

The days went so quickly. This morning was an impromptu clean up at home. We cleared the veranda, folded up the boxes and clothes for recycling, and vacuumed the floor.

I had the privailage to drop a weight scale on my right foot.

Yes, the pain is wonderfully great.

If I learned anything, is to live life well. Take everything in. Enjoy the minutes that pass by.

The mornings have a small semblence of a routine of checking my weight, drinking water, 20 minutes of meditation, and journal writing.

I have some regrets of not waking up earlier. At the same time, I was not eager to too time on sleep. Getting eight hours of sleep is a serious challenge.

Family is important and take a good portion of my time. I value and appreciate the moments spent with them.

This afternoon, we had an opportunity to visit one of Da Missus’s friend from college. They were good friends for over a decade. I haven’t seen them for about 5 years!

I enjoyed the conversations with Da Missus’s friend’s husband. We talked about what happened inbetween the times, what he did (I confess, I can’t remember much about him previously), the hobbies and other fun topics.

Da Little One spent most of the time with their daughter since they were a year apart. He remembers her from before and was fond of her. Da Boy slavered away on the smartphone playing games, listening to music, or watching webtoons.

After drinking a bottle of soju and a liter of beer, I dozed for a bit. When I got back up, I had another half bottle of beer.

We were full from the pork, rice, and sidedishes.

Da Missus’s friend’s husband wanted to show the electric scooter to Da Boy. Da Missus’s friend didn’t think it was a good idea with the amount of drinks we drank. When I heard that the scooter can travel speeds up to 20km/hr, I thought it would be a good idea to try the scooter another day.

After visitng, I realized how time goes so swiftly. We could not meet up family to family because of schedules. Hopefully our next meeting would be sooner than later.

When I got back home, I got heartburn. I took some medicine and drank plum juice.

I got Da Missus to tell me to get off the computer.

So close to writing it all down… and yet so far away.

Da Little One is getting sleepy but isn’t getting ready for bed.

Da Boy is doing his math homework.

Da Missus isn’t saying anything but I can feel her presence looming around me.

I know I got to go and take care of stuff. How much more to go?

Just another twelve more words. Then I can be done.

Four more words to go.

I got to go now.

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