Ah, Precious Energy

Bringing Energy

NBA players talk a lot about bringing energy to the game, their teammates.

It helps with getting buckets, assists, going back on defense, and steals. Every play that doesn’t have the right energy changes momentum quickly, even catastrophically. It’s a good thing that it’s mostly contained within a single game.

At my age, I’m becoming aware that my personal energy is important in what I do. When I started this post, my energy was a bit low. I felt some of it go, writing a comment about a post I read since I wanted to make the comment meaningful.

By the way, check out the post. It’s a good read about beliefs and experiences.

Ah WordPress 5.0. You got me on the making links. But, not bad. And, where is H1?

Managing Energy

Energy in a person changes constantly. I admire those that can seemingly keep their energies high throughout the day.

I’m sure it has to do with food, exercise, and sleep.

My energy at the beginning of the post was low. It’s getting better now with each word being plunked down on the keyboard.

The lack of sleep from Christmas probably had everyone a little groggy. Da Missus is taking an hour and a half power-nap. I’m plowing through this and two other tasks.

Small breaks are needed. 5 to 10 minutes of closing my eyes and lying down on the bed or ground do wonders for my energy, especially when I go through some heavy work. It allows me to do at least an hour more each time.

50 minutes of work + 5 to 10 minutes rest = hours of potential work done

Keep it in mind when do any sort of work.

Notes and Arrghs

  • Gotta get back to at least 7 hours of sleep regularly.
  • I’m going to take a 5 to 10 minute break when I publish the post.
  • Got anxieties about the things to come. I’m writing them down. Planning for contingencies as much as I can. Still not comfortable and fearful, but I can see them in front of me.

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