Be Present

Be Counted For

If you’re going to go anywhere in life, you have to be there Find Out More.

You have to come into the office. You have to turn on the computer and run the program. You have to type in the words, draw the pen strokes. You got to keep at it for at least 2 minutes if you have an innate fear. Longer of course. With purpose.

Whining and Complaining

I am one to talk. I know I must be there if I want to get my work done. Making excuses, funny noises, complaints… I mean what’s the point? Even if my arguments are sound and logical, I’m not winning anything.

Dip Your Foot into the Pool

I have a few challenges that I kept putting off for years. The cost? Time, money, stress, stupidity.

So I said enough’s enough. I decided to delve in the scary project for a couple of minutes. Shut the puppy whimpers in my mind. Walk through the thick fog. Allow failure if it happens.

When the two minutes are done, I found I had nothing to fear. I end up doing more. My smile and confidence grows.

Prepare the Time

Making the time for your work is crucial. Set the block of time early where no one can bother you. Make sure the time is plentiful.

Clear the Junk

Have only the project in front of you. All distractions in front of you must be gone. Never give your mind a chance to find resistance. It’ll find one quickly and you’ll be down for the count.


Delve in. Hit the water. The pain you feel is in your ego. It’ll recover. If it doesn’t, leave it lying on the dirt road. You don’t have time to nurse things when you have important stuff to finish. It’ll probably get up fast when it sees you running towards the things you care about like a crying baby.

Today’s Challenge: 2 minutes

Find work you care about but kept it off for whatever reason.

Find a good time where no interruptions will come up.

Find a spot where you will have no distractions.

And go.

Don’t care for anything less than doing the work for at least 2 minutes. I can do this. You can do this.

Don’t put it off! Get it done now!

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