To Start Is The Hardest


I keep pushing things off.

I push off on things that concern my family. I push off on my exercises. I push off my routines. I push off on the things that involve my job. I push off on writing this post.

Then, what got me here? To write?

The pain of not getting the post done before Tuesday. Yes, at 11:36pm, the pain of not writing got too great. The ideas that couldn’t brew in my head… ah screw it.

Write it down.

A lot of things can go wrong. I can make spelling mistakes… ha ha ha. No.

The mistakes I’ll make will be whether I get my point across. Whether I say something that is worthwhile to readers. Whether my post makes any sense.

To Start Is the Hardest

Yes, I totally do believe this. Starting is the hardest thing.

It’s all in the mind. The mind wants the path of least resistance. Forget that, no resistance. If the mind could go about being in bliss, that would be great!

But neurons deteriorate and die when there is no new thoughts and struggles. The mind becomes stronger, more capable when it is put to work.

The Weekend I Laid Still

Yes, I did a whole bunch of nothing, in terms of work, on the weekend. I took care of Da Boys, made sure things went well in the house. But my eagerness to be physically active is shut down.

It was a waste of time which I didn’t mind.

Monday, The Engines Raring to Go

That’s because of my job.

But any trigger works. Even if it’s the lamest excuse, if you feel compelled to go, that’s good enough.

So going back to my post. Why did I start?

Well, I have 16 minutes left before Tuesday comes. Yes, in my part of town, it would be almost 11:00am. I know I should’ve started earlier. But I had so many excuses I believed in.

They’ve evaporated into the clouds.

How to Start Anything

Pressure must be put down.

Pain must be inflicted.

Reasons of doing it and reasons of the consequences of not doing it must be burned into the brain.

Swear at yourself for being a fool.

Have someone accountable to you and giving you tons of unadulterated crap on your head.

How about pretending you have a gun to your head and you have a minute to write something down or else.

Mine is time and limitation and desperation. I swore I wouldn’t do this time and time again. It’s stressful and ages me. But it is effective in getting me to do the work.

Or I must dedicate myself to a routine and stick to it hard and fast.

I would say whatever you want to do in terms of your project, get it done first thing in the morning. Get up early around 5:30am. No one is around bugging you unless he or she has to take a pee. Tell yourself to do 2 minutes. If you get that far, you’ll realize that 2 minutes isn’t worth getting up 5:30 and you’ll do more.

And that would most likely be good enough to get you going hopefully to the end.

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