Bombarded by Content

At Koo Koo Restaurant

After helping with the morning presentations at my institute, we headed out to a all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.

It had sushi galore. It also had pizza and fried chicken. It had four types of jello (apple, coconut, mango, grape), ice cream, 2 types of slushy (papaya and strawberry) and so on.

I couldn’t eat it all. I felt good as I washed it down with Coke and coffee. I was bloated and struggling with my belt.

I’m still feeling its effects now as I write this post. Regret? Just a little. But it was good food and I don’t do this often.

A Different Kind of Bloated

I have this feeling every day with email. I think I get about a hundred emails with 80% of them being junk. Sometimes I want to skip the day, but I know that I will face another hundred if I do that.

So I read the emails. I learn quite a bit from them. But to spend an hour like this at times doesn’t make sense.

Cut Bait

So I make an effort to cancel them bit by bit. Deleting them is just a temporary measure. When I come to see I’m just simply deleting them without reading, I know it’s time permanently eliminate those emails.

Focus on the Important Things

I’ve learned that I can only do so much.

My strengths must be used to its maximum extent. A tough choice has to be made on my weaknesses and the things I hate to do. If possible, I should find a way to delegate the parts I’m no good at. The things I can do well but hate… well, I have to plow through and get them done.

Be Active

When the body moves, the food is converted and the heaviness disappears. With my emails, it must be cut down to where I can process the information well.

I know what must be done. And it is done gradually.

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