Pain: My Best Friend

The Pressure Gauges and Meters

Inside each car dashboard, there are different meters and gauges that tell you the car’s temperature, speed, RPM, and gas. They are important since they tell you how hot the car’s engine is, how fast the car is going, the amount of power is in the engine, and how much fuel is in the tank.

When you see one of the needles reaching the red or a yellow gas light warning the fuel is low, what do you do? You release the gas petal to decrease the engine power or head to the gas station.

In life, we have our own meters and gauges. We can’t see them as clearly as a car dashboard, but we can certainly feel them. We call it pain.

Pain Must be Confronted

If pain is avoided, you can be heading toward disaster. The physical pain in your neck or chest could lead to heart attack or cancer growth. That mental anguish could prevent you from making proper choices. That spiritual pain could prevent you from doing the right thing.

When you think about the possible illnesses and limitations from your pain, you may feel fear. Fear is something we do not want to deal with, I myself included.

But we must solve the pain. That means going to the doctor, going to a friend, going to an expert, or going the Internet. Why wait when the answer could be close and helpful?

Pain Is Your Friend

Pain is sending you an important message.

It is telling you to stop.

It is telling you to keep going.

It is telling you to change.

It is telling you to persevere.

It is telling you something imperative.

Listen to the message pain gives. Respond accordingly. You may not find the right answer on your first shot, but you will be closer and better for it.

Pain, my best friend? It could be ultimate life-changer. Respond to it.

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