5 Ways to Show Gratitude

Give Thanks to All Things

Each day, we need to count our blessings. We get caught up with our family, work, studies, beliefs, and whatever is just in front of us.

It’s easy to get angry, to hate something, and to feel miserable because you missed the bus. When things don’t go our way, we need to see the good. And one way to do that is find something to be thankful for.

Today is American Thanksgiving. I hope all Americans have a good time with family with rest and a hearty meal. I want to suggest 5 things you can do maintain a thankful spirit.

1. Write in a Journal

Whether you do it in a notebook or in your smartphone, it’s good to write the things that made you feel thankful.

For me, physical writing has this realness: I feel an effort is being made to show my appreciation for this life. So from time to time, I write some things I’m thankful for in my orange-cover journal.

I also have the Grid Diary app on my iPhone to write simple answers. One of the questions in my grid is, “What am I grateful for?” I usually thank God, my family, my job and my projects. I should also add things that happened in my life that made me grateful.

2. Say Thanks to Someone

Whether at home, work, or even on the street, go say “Thank you” to someone each day.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to say thanks at home. I say thanks to Da Missus or Da Boys for the big and little things. It brings a smile to their faces and mine.

At work, I smile and say thanks to the teachers or students that have helped me or done a good job with their studies.

3. Give a Present

This would be a challenge to do every day. In my case, I offer a sketch, some candy, or coffee as a way to show thanks. It would make that appreciation a little more special.

4. Random Acts of Kindness

This is similar to numbers 2 and 3 but more towards someone you don’t know. If you see a person in need, offer some coins, or if you have time, buy them a warm drink or lunch and have a chat. While that person will be thankful to you, you will feel thankful back because we feel gratitude in giving.

5. Offer Prayers

Thanking a higher power for each day you’re alive every day. This alone would be enough to express your daily gratitude. By giving thanks to God, you end up giving thanks to your loved ones and the things you have.


As Tony Robbins said, “If you’re grateful, you’re rich.”

Wealth in terms of money is important. I would desire everyone with money to live well and do the things he or she desires.

Other sources of wealth is important as well. I desire everyone to be wealthy physically, mentally and spiritually. To achieve these things requires gratitude towards all.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!

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