Think Long Term

2016 Close at Hand

With 2016 almost over, we look to change ourselves for the better for 2017. We make New Year’s resolutions to improve our health, our finances, our relationships with God, friends, and family.

We mean well, but the changes we vowed to do in the first month fizzles out in days, if not a couple of weeks.

If we want real change, we must go at it on a daily basis.

Better Health

When we are thinking about improving our health, we have to think to keep it simple.

One important thing is to eat less. The other is to be active daily. The more energy converted and used vs. food consumption means we’ll lose weight, gain muscle, and have more energy in the future.

We do have to measure what we eat and how we go about the day. If we decide to eat half of what we eat and maintain the same activities, we will become lighter.

To keep it simple, look at the plate you’re eating. Instead of clearing it up, have a portion left over. Walk about 10,000 steps each day. Then see how your body changes for the better.

The changes are going to be slow. But long-term goals are meant to done slowly with progression.

Earning Your First Dollar Online

Find one method that has an excellent chance of earning you money on the Internet. Follow the steps impeccably. Ask questions if you’re not sure how to go about it.

Work on it daily. Respect it like a brick and mortar business. If you mess up, learn from it and make the necessary changes.

Push to the end. It’s no different than washing the dishes or hanging the laundry. If your intention is to make an online business, then do it.

Think Long Game

We gotta think long-term goals that we desire.

We gotta think long-term goals that burn in our hearts.

We gotta think long-term goals where we can make feasible steps.

We gotta think long-term goals as a serious matter.

We gotta think long-term goals where the journey is similarly enjoyable as the destination.

The more we think long-term in our steps to our destination, the better we will do things that others would think isn’t possible.

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