One Can only Do so Much

The Limits of Time

Every human on Earth only has 24 hours a day. cialis 20 mg works

We maintain or lose time because of our skills, the environment, and resources. Gaining or saving time is an illusion. We either spend the time well or squander it.

That means, we have a limit of what we can or cannot do.

Having a lot of people so the work can be delegated is certainly possible. That’s how pharaohs can build pyramids. That’s how kings in different countries conquer lands. That’s how entrepreneurs can have products and services out there to billions of people look these up. how much does cialis cost

The limits of time continues, but that didn’t stop Alexander from conquering almost half the world in his early thirties.

We must understand one can only do so much with the time given. And we don’t even know when God will call our number. buy viagra online uk paypal

Understand Our Limits

We must know our boundaries.

We must know every nook and cranny of our skills and knowledge, the environment we live and work, the friends and foes in our midst. When we do so, we will know what works well and doesn’t. Then we can work as much as we can in that space.

We must figure out how we can work better within our limits.

Areas of Growth

When we know how everything works inside, it’s time to grow.

We shouldn’t stay where we are. Growth is important and we must venture out a little bit. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 50, we will how much we can do when we take a chance.


Yes, we have a limit, but we can pass the boundaries of who we think we are. One can only do so much. One can do a little more. Doing both will redefine and improve who we are.


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