Be Courageous And Strong

Before the Israelites entered into Canaan, Moses (and later Joshua) would tell them to be strong and courageous. To trust in God. Believe that they can conquer the land God had promised.

Mind you the Israelite had to do this by themselves. Of course, they were guided by God, a higher power. But anyone that didn’t believe would’ve had laughed.

The Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, and the other people that lived in the land of milk and honey had the numbers. The resources. The weapons. Who’re these bunch of people that are so small, so insignificant, only had the promise made to a man that died over 400 years ago? Huh?

Yet, as I read through the book of Joshua, the Israelites did that. City by city. Victory after victory. It wasn’t completely smooth sailing (the Israelites made mistakes like anyone) but by the end of the book, they got most of it.

And we can do that as well.

Cleaning Up the Mess

I look at my apartment and it’s a mess.

It’s small, but as Da Missus said, we have way too much junk around. They have to be thrown away.

She said it in her own inspirational fashion.

The first obstacle is the books on the bottom right shelf. It is the start. It is the way.

Get rid of one item. Then another the next day. And another. Big progress or small. One task done is progress. We keep going in this direction, the apartment will feel more spacious.

Writing, Drawing, Producing

Writing. The first word is the obstacle and path. Well, you can go as far back to the idea or ideas of what you want to write.

Make a list of what has to be done to complete the writing.

Brainstorm the ideas.

Pick one that is fun and challenging to write.

Brainstorm what you want to write.

Outline what you how you want to organize the writing. Have a good look at it.

Hammer out the draft fast. Type as fast as your mind can think it until you’re done.

Walk away. Or correct it if you think you’re up to the task. But it’s best to let the writing cool down. Let your mind cool down. Go for a nice walk with a pad and pen. You never know how more ideas pop up for a new post or suggestions you want to change in your draft.

Mind dumps are a thing of beauty.

Go back and have a look at your writing. Fix it up. If you think it’s enough, post it. But make sure it reaches a quality that you’re happy with.

Clearing the mind through meditation or a walk. Having writing or drawing materials when inspiration arises. Continually produce work and publish it. Ask yourself, “Is the work I’m producing making me happy? Am I heading in the right direction?”

Get feedback from the field. Be prepared to be criticized (or worse) ignored.

But never let up. Let inspiration be the fire. Kindle it. Blow it.

Believe that whatever work you produce will have a positive (or negative) impact on those that see it.

One day you’ll get a hit. One day you’ll get a double. Maybe a triple or cycle. Or a home run.

Keep swinging. Keep writing. Keep Drawing.

Keep producing. As Steven Pressfield said in the War of Art (possibly paraphrased) “We need to see your work out in the world.”

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