It Doesn’t Get easier

The Great Chuseok Holidays

With the Chuseok holidays in progress (9 whole days!), working on my goals is a challenge.

So the holidays are the path, enjoyed and appreciated with doing the work.

My mind is, to say at least, all over the place.

At any time, Da Missus can come and ask me for help, come over for a lovely talk, or say, “Stop using my smartphone.”

Brought to You by the iPhone

That’s where I’m writing today’s post, on the iPhone 6S Plus.

It’s been awhile. I remember the days when I wrote my posts on the phone, on the bus or subway.

I had time to do it and the confidence.

Then I felt it was better for my eyes to write on the notebook. When that happened, I went complete stop.

I think it was a right thing to do. To write while moving isn’t recommended. My eyes got pretty bad in a short period of time.

Working on My Goals

But I’m back on to working on my goals. I have 4 in mind this October.

And it’s been a battle.

My family means well, but they take my attention, with good reason.

I want to rise earlier and do the work, but I found that my mental state was eroding slowly for years because I was sleeping less than 8 hours. Even now, 7 is quite a feat.

Sorry, but my health is most important. And 8 hours of sleep has to come now.

So I pushing for 8 hours of sleep. I’m pushing to do 4 goals daily.

I look to do my work in the morning. In the evening, it’s time with the family. It works sometimes. Other times, it’s been a mess.

The mess is the path. Ugh. That’s the path, too.

I’m starting to understand that anything that comes before me is part of the process.

How I approach them is the best way I can: work on them.

My 3 Greatest Excuses

My greatest excuse is fatigue. It’s always there. I’m always sleepy when doing important (but not urgent) work. My eyes droop. My breathing is light.

A nap is in order? Do I need a distraction? And that’s my next greatest excuse, which is… is… I can’t remember… ah yes, distractions.

There are lots of pretty objects. There are lots of pretty games and websites. They take up precious time. I want to play.

But they won’t build a future, a destiny I want to achieve. They can be done at a later time or shorter time spurts.

None of these excuses will help me with my happiness.

Yes, the start is the hardest. The first words plunked down by my thumbs were difficult. I was feeling sleepy. I wanted to play Clash Royale. I still had to catch up in my Bible reading.

Not now.

So I got passed that and I can get to the meat of things.

Today, I finished 2 of my goals, including this one. I have 2 more to do. I got momentum. I feel better. 

Let’s continue down the path. Let’s finish today’s process.

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