So late to start.

At the same time, so early as well. Anyhow.

Trash Talk Episode #2

Just been watching GaryVee:

Gary goes to garage sales, find items that (likely) has the potential to sell more online. He sure knows his stuff. I think this would be doable from my area in Toronto and the GTA. If you have a good sense of items and don’t mind driving to different parts of town, plus have the mind of working the market (he went with things he liked like toys, games, and mugs), it feels doable. Gotta drive around a bit and have an idea of what you want.

I’m not sure if this will work in Seoul… Maybe in a different way.

James Altucher

One of my mentors and heroes. I’ve learned to push to be better 1% physically, emotionally, mentally, creatively, and spiritually.

Know that I’m starting from zero pretty much every day. Be able to take baby steps on the hard stuff.


I drew this yesterday:

I’m asking myself: How can I improve my artwork? How can I improve my ink stokes? How can I make my ideas better?

Actually, just asked these questions now to me.

My perspective sucks in this image. I could’ve spent more time on the illustration.

But I have my limits. Maybe I should allocate an hour of my time to the day. I think I spend about 30 minutes (or less if my energy is low).

I want to be better. I got the ego-thing where I want to be as good as artists that have thousands of followers.

Too much pride don’t you think?

Back to GaryVee:

I’m going to watch the rest of the video and see how he does. I haven’t found a good idea for a side hustle. One thing for sure: I want to do something I really enjoy and can make a side income.

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