Following the Sequence

When you start, you go. You do it until you finish.

Halfway stuff is bullcrap unless you know you can continue the next day.

Regardless make the steps. Make sure you do the steps that are to be done that day.

If you fall and it can’t be helped, brace for impact. Last weekend, my body fell apart in the afternoon for 3 hours and wouldn’t go anywhere until around 6:30.

Then I started to do the laundry and mop the floors.

I had the intention to write today. I have the intention to write every day until I get messed up by something in my life.

While I despised my inability to write daily, I don’t let my hate fester, rot inside. I’m only human, an animal.

I do chase my own tail and sniff my own butt if I could.

I’m doing my best to write as best as I could. I’m trying to screw the quotas, but I know the quotas have their use.

I have a list of things to do and writing Cyper was one of them. After I publish, I move on to the next steps.

Yeah, steps.

I confess I’m a mess. My chest hurts; it felt heavy for quite some time. I lost my way to create and feel I have nothing to offer.

Things just feel awfully crappy.

Working at the English Institute was a remedy. Preparing for my classes was therapeutic. Trying to help and have fun was encouraging. I really wanted to help and serve the kids. I don’t know if I have succeeded though at times.

I have to lose some weight. I’m in danger of going over 80. Then my heels will start to hurt. And they did, at times, today.

At least I can feel sorry for myself. And I made this stinking mess of my body. Now what?

Get back up. Use the momentum of the work done teaching English and stretch it through to writing, drawing, journaling.

Get to work, my furry friend. Get the rest tonight. Look forward to tomorrow. Thank you.

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