A Little Progress

Even the baby steps are important.

When do you tell a mother that you should stop helping your baby to walk?

You don’t.

The baby will learn to walk. period.

I heard this from Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn.

It’s hard to write this post. But it’s on the list of my important things.

So I do it. This post may even be smaller than my previous ones, but it’ll be done.

Small steps.

In writing.

In drawing.

My important goals.

I feel my head swimming. Burning.

I can hear Joe whining about his homework.

He has to do it. So do I.

We have to keep going.

I can Da Missus moaning as she teaches Joe. But it goes on until completion. We can’t make excuses about the things we want to do.




I gain a little more strength as I type more words. The inertia seems to have passed. But I know better.

I can fall on my face at any time.

I have to keep going.

Push back at the pain.

The day is done. Another day tomorrow to start the process all over.

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