Feel the Fear


When I read this word, two things come to mind: Dan Rather and the Tragically Hip.

When I think about the word, courage, it’s something I know I have but rarely do. That’s how I feel.

Courage to face these times. The dread of thinking of what I should do. Important things in my life while I’m still able to do things.

I’m taking the steps to face the fear. Getting out of my comfort zone.

Some things were much easier than I thought. Like waking much earlier than usual to do early morning services. I’m trying not to take for granted that took less effort.

After the services, I drank water and meditated. Not so bad. Then into the writing, I go.

And not bad. Is this what I feared? My encouragement was that I finished the tasks that were on my list for yesterday.

But life is temperamental. Things change on a whim. I get out of rhythm and then fall back through the atmosphere, burning.

I’m learning to keep going. Keeping tabs. Determining if I’m making progress on the things that are important to me.


Every day needs it. Humans can cope with the worst when they have it.

And they do have it. You have it. Remember that and go.

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