Almost Dropping the Ball

A little late.

Bit by bit, it feels like the wheels are falling off.

It’s so easy to do. I was thinking, for a few seconds, that I should write tomorrow.

Tomorrow. It already arrived. So the best time to write is now, while tummy is filled, being quite sleepy.

I’ll write now, thank you. On with the post.

Prepare Early to Avoid or Combat Conflict

How many times do I have to tell myself, “Get it done early, man.”?

Apparently, not enough. I’m still learning this damn lesson.

My eyes are blurry. I have lots of discomfort in my stomach and eyes. I ache and itch in my left thigh.

Dry skin. A long day. Inconsistent sleep.

Unacceptable. I know I gotta change.

I’m trying to write with meaning, not to merely fill up the post with words.

Whenever I go after making small modifications in my life, my vices pull me back into the muck. I’m still full of excuses. I still, at times, do not want to get better.

Change requires so much effort because of my stubbornness to stay the same.

This post is my way of showing defiance. I remember why I tried to write every day. To find my way through all this.

For my family. For myself. For others that are in my sphere of influence.

Life is hard. Life is pain. I need to face this with a grin or frown or whatever.

I got to face this.

No excuses. Push into the millimeters. Go for gain.

Take the pain. Make it work for you. Show your determination to rip through the thick fabric.

Look at your family. Look at yourself. Take it all in.

You can do this. One step at a time.

Work and allow failure to happen if that is the case. Learn from it and go at it again and again and again. Remember that the greatest successes of people that have done great things have fallen badly. Close to death.

Yes, enter that arena. Earn your cuts and bruises. Win. Or lose.


Notes And Arrghs

  • I think I’m getting used to WordPress 5.0.
  • It ain’t so bad.
  • I think it’s good to do the work.
  • The next session is expansion.
  • Also get back to other training.
  • You got this.

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