Bloated And Almost Late

It just gets better.

Writing almost at the same time. I’m not only feeling tired but bloated too.

All day, I fell to the vices in the morning. The exhaustion of the week working catches up and I fell asleep in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

I simply stayed at home, away from the cold. I didn’t have to go to the English Institute. I don’t have to go until after New Year’s.

While I could rest, I really don’t. I have Da Boyz to take care of. We rest over the weekend, together.

It’s good and not so good. Spending time with them is great. The time, thrown away playing games isn’t. We get some talking time here and there, during lunch and dinner. I know I should spend this time in a much better, meaningful way.

I told myself I’d take a walk. One of those walks to the river. If I make the trek, I can get my 10,000 steps. But, no. I had to make dinner. I had to clean up around the apartment. I wanted Da Missus to come to a spick-and-span home.

I wouldn’t hear the end of it if it wasn’t.

She usually comes home late, so I clean up in the evening. During the day, I let a lot of things go. Toys are on the ground. Music is blaring from Da Boy’s smartphone.

I play a few podcasts here and there. I threw the day to recover.

But I remember I still had to write.

It’s already past midnight. I fell behind again, behind the eight ball.

I refuse to make excuses of not writing, again. So here I am. Writing about how I threw Saturday out with bath water.

It’s getting close to closing time.

Notes And Arrghs

  • What was meaningful today? Was it good to rest? Yes. Can I do more? Yes.
  • I heard the former Navy Seal David Goggins on The James Altucher Show and The Joe Rogan Experience for the past couple of days. David is a crazy dude, running 100-mile races on foot. But damn, if I can take just a little of what drives him each day and put it in myself… I feel like a Pillsbury Doughboy. I gotta not make excuses for myself.
  • My eyes are bugging me. I don’t think I can’t postpone getting glasses for long.
  • I gotta take procrastination by the neck. I have to go and go and go.

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