Care to Give up?

The struggle is real.

Each time I get down to write a post, I already ask this question: “Can’t we do this another day?”

My answer, after opening up WordPress and pressing add a new post and typing a quick title, was, “No.”

I can’t give an inch to the things I want to get done. Or I’m stomped on and defeated by my own mind.

At many points of my life, my mind is this enemy or even worst, a frenemy: A chum one day, a backstabber another.

Talk about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. It’s all inside my body.

The Final Sermon of 2018

The final Sunday of 2018. The final sermon. From 1 Timothy 6:11~12, the pastor talks about Paul writing to Timothy about three things:

  1. Avoid committing sins
    • follow the Bible
    • get rid of the arrogant mind
    • serve God, our neighbors with happiness and humility
    • learn to live harmoniously with family, society, church, nation, world
    • use money wisely
  2. The 6 virtues to follow as a man of God:
    1. being righteous
      • like Jesus
    2. being holy
      • prayer
      • reading the Bible
    3. live faithfully
      • Trust God who gives the best in his time and is with us
    4. love each other
      • learn the love of Jesus
    5. be patient
      • win the race of faith
      • be patient to keep a strong faith while facing trials and temptations
    6. embrace poor and troubled people
      • just as Jesus embraced those in need with love
  3. Fight the good fight
    • keep the faith strong
    • not fall back when falling to sin
    • repent the sins before God and stand up
    • march in faith with Jesus

Good points to keep and focused on in terms of my beliefs. I look at the 6 virtues and try to keep those while fleeing from sin. If I fall down, look to repent and stand once more.

Build the Process, Build a System

Get back to rising early. Meditate. Establish awareness. Do the work early. Understand that you will fail, often. Prepare words to combat the negativeness. Reflect on what went well and what didn’t. Improve the process for tomorrow.

Notes And Arrghs

  • It’s not easy to write about my faith and beliefs. I think I’ve done it once before a long time ago. But at my age, I’m less afraid to be who I am.
  • That’s not entirely true… I have some fears right now that’s stopping me in tracks. For the most part, many people won’t say anything as long as it’s not imposed on them.
  • I have no agenda in terms of my posts. I’m hoping, as I write more, I’ll do research into the things I’m interested in. Just take a chance, a shot. Enjoying the process.
  • Hopefully, that’ll give me the confidence to do other elements of work like drawing, building online endeavors.
  • I’m quietly desperate. I know time is short. I know I need to the work before I can’t. The posts iscurrent outlet that grasping ever so tightly.

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