Hanging on On a day that featured utter chaos and the wheels flying off at any moment, I held on. My eyes are still blurry. I do take comfort that I kept going and getting things done. I also think that I should’ve done more. I should’ve prepared better. I’m full of excuses and that […]

Today, I experienced a glorious morning. It was followed by utter crap that I deserved. It hurt like hell. And I deserved it. My response was silently awful. I sighed deeply. And I knew I deserved the words written. I kept these words inside and they infested my mind and nerves. They spoiled the morning. […]

Thoughts And Desires for Each Day Happy New Year! I hope everyone each day be happy, healthy, and getting the things they need. I also hope that everyone create goals they truly want to achieve, create processes and routines to move toward them. Finally, I hope everyone has the courage to face the fears and […]