New Beginnings and Fears

I guess some sort of fear will always be around each day I live.

Gotta give it to God when I remember.

I realize that I can’t control the things outside.

But I can make the choices I want within.

It took some time for me to write something.

That was because I was busy?

Every post required me to plunge in, not knowing how things will turn out.

The pain brought me to write today.

I got a slight headache, from a late night meeting.

I paid for it with Da Missus stating her case of the mistakes I made.

I guess I deserved it.

At times, I got this stress that wouldn’t go away due to the blunders I made.

Always, with much reflection made, I can feel I was a fool.

I feel that I don’t deserve the happiness some other people have.

Though when I teach a class I go out to educate, to perform.

When that’s done, I just want to crawl under the rock I came from.

I wouldn’t want to wish my situation, my environment to anyone.

I would like you to be happy and well.

Cheer up my friend, I’m going to be fine.

Hopefully I’ll write again the next day.

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