Getting Back

Every time you fall… you get back up.

Until when? When you fall asleep into eternity.

These days, not writing has got me into several bad habits:

  • not drawing
  • falling to my vices
  • sleeping/waking late
  • eating late at night…

I don’t think this post is going to be the cure all for my situation. But, I’m trying to break the patterns and habits that are not helping my life.

The big one is the act of not eating late at night.

It’s so damn hard. I come home, tired and hungry. I fully well know that if I eat, I’ll binge. And if I binge, I’ll have a wonderful night sleeping and waking up late.

So that’s my thing tonight. Can I be brave enough, assertive enough for one day to avoid eating when I get home?

Da Missus says I should have something… but I know I don’t have the controls when I start.

The other things is to help the kids. Help Da Little One with his homework and Da Boy as well.

I got to clean up the home.

A lot of things.

So one deliberate thing I’m going to do: be mindful before the task. Pray a little prayer before starting.

If I feel I’m going fall down, pray for the courage to stay the course.

Simple enough. Not easy to execute.

But small breaks to the patterns that were so entrench the past several weeks. Enough’s enough.

Also read books. Practice the things that will be helpful to my life.

Write 10 ideas.

Just get back to the right of things for a day. Then do it again the next day. A step at a time.

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