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Just delving in, without a care in the world. I have no idea what I’m about to write is going to be any good. I’m sure a lot of the stuff that’s going to be posted today will be pretty crappy.

That’s okay.

Just got out of my second 20-minute meditation. This one was about creativity. After the meditation, I got around to do a quick sketch. Then I loaded up the post and see what can come out.

The Raptors Are in the NBA Finals

I’m shocked with joy. The Raptors finally got into the finals against the Golden State Warriors. After beating the first place regular season team the Milwaukee Bucks, they’re facing off against the 2 consecutive champs.

I thought I would be afraid. I thought I would be really stressed out. I’m anxious, but am looking forward to the outcome.

It could be all bad and be a sweep. But I don’t think so. The 2019 Raptors are resilient. They’re a team I would like my personality would be. Not getting so high. Not getting so low.

Taking and enjoying the moments in front of me. Being aware. Making the most of what is in front.

Of course plan for it. Make goals. This team made the goal to get to the Finals and win the championship. And I truly, truly admire that.

Why not make my goals? Focus on them. Make steps towards them. Refuse to make excuses if I’m passionate about them.

Make my goals to write today. To draw today. To develop my mind. To eat more healthier foods (though I did eat a Whopper today). To walk more. Be more mindful and aware.

Enjoy the moments. Appreciate what is around. Make most of it.

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