Feeling Silly

I feel stupid.

I don’t think I have anything of value when I write something. Whether it’s here at Cyper, my journal, whatever.


I just caught a mosquito. It had blood inside. (Incredible.) And there are more mosquitoes flying around. I’m certain of it.

You should add Elementor into Cyper!

My mind is all over the place. I feel the chaos flow without and within. I need to make sense of what’s going on.

I feel fear. I feel the tension. I think I’ll fall apart at any time.

But I must write. Today. Hopefully, I can gather my thoughts and make sense of it all.

More mosquitoes. How do I make more money?

Wrong question? How can I serve you, whoever is reading this? Seriously. Maybe I can help. If you have a question, please comment. I would love to help.

Make an email list with MailChimp. Make a store with your images. Create a story, draw it out in thumbnails, and make it.

You bought Clip Studio Paint. Use it, man! Get that stylus out and sketch something, you idiot!

Just being silly. You get ridiculed, that’ll be impressive. Someone took the time to call you out for being an imbecile.

What a concept.

Just let it all out. Show what you got. Let the gold, copper, silver burn in the fire.

Until you can see your image in there.

Fear is fear. You can face the fear. You can face the void. You can see death and know that it’s coming.

Just act and get going somewhere. Please. Don’t stay the same. Change. For the better or worse. Go somewhere.

And write tomorrow, dammit.

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