Always Creating and Learning

I’m trying to get back to making content.

I’m also getting my kids into the act.

The summer’s here and the time’s right for my kids to make stuff. Things they like every day.

We eat too much content. We get a kick out of the entertainment in YouTube (big time), Facebook (big time but I don’t know why), Instagram (I love the images), and Twitter (It’s a @#$#@% arena).

But it’s all eats. And I’m in the camp of minimizing that and making more things. Music. Posts. Sketches. T-Shirts. E-stores. Videos.

Just anything.

I got inspired by this. If you want to make progress in life, check this out. I enjoyed the post.

Joe’s Failure

I was admired by my son’s failure to get on stage.

He was trying to get on stage because there was a chance for him to do something. He was motivated by some of the prizes, to say the least.

The first time he failed, he hesitated for about 3 seconds. I wasn’t sure why he hesitated, but that prevented him from getting on.

The second time, he was looking for a short cut. There wasn’t any, so he had to take the stairs where 20 other kids were already there.

He was in tears. He cried on my shoulders. I tried to get him to do the 5-minute rule, but he wouldn’t have it.

I admired my son’s eagerness to try something. He was bold and foolish. He gets into things where he wasn’t fully prepared to handle the task. I don’t think I had the guts as he did.

He only cries when he couldn’t get into the arena or failing.

Each attempt is a learning process. If anything, I need to get him to reflect on the situation and learn the lesson.

That’s the lesson I need to learn.

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