I remember a time I called the offices of Cyper the seats of subways and buses. I wrote them while I got to work. Those times of writing were productive and fun.

But the growth stopped when I said the writing was enough.

The infinite game. I heard this from the podcast, Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu when he talked with Simon Sinek. And I agreed with this: making things/situations better than it was before. It coincides with what I’m reading/listening in the Bible and I’m doing whatever I can to help those around me better.

It’s hard as hell. At times, I feel anger. I get weary. And this has only been for a couple of days! I’ve had moments of disgust. And this rush to get things done. I’m trying to slow it down or at least have it at the pace where I can do my best.

It’s been awhile since my last post. As much as I want to be consistent, I want to be prolific.

I remember why I used to write so much in Cyper. When I look back those times, I think of quantity. I thought of myself as a horrible writer. Someone who couldn’t write with emotional impact. The only way to get better is write a lot.

The missing ingredient was getting tips on writing. Getting feedback. I wasn’t seeking to improve. Just write. I think I wasn’t ready for the next stage.

The infinite game is get better every day. If I’m wrong, I’m hoping someone will comment and correct me.

I’m not afraid of getting feedback. (That’s not true. I’m sometimes terrified of them.) I’m hoping I’ll get some and get better.

I’m sure the comments (if I get any) will hurt, but pain is a part of growth.

In all my posts, I’m hoping I can leave the reader in a better place. I’m hoping to encourage someone and feel better.

Perhaps some of my posts can be dark. But here’s my hope of my posts:

  1. To simply create
  2. To grow a little bit
  3. To be a bit better
  4. To explain the lessons I’ve learned
  5. To be willing to be vulnerable
  6. To let go of myself and flow
  7. Be willing to fail

The speed. The desire to create. The fun of it all. Be curious and have fun. Try to cheat but know that cheating can backfire.

Laugh out loud! If an idea comes at the time, write down. Share it if it seems appropriate. Be a little goofy.

Be kind. Treat whoever you’re conversing as If they’re family.

Try to give a shit.

Anyhow, smile around those around you.

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