You Gotta Start Somewhere

No pushing. No yelling. No nothing.

Just creating.

Be curious. Today as I looked at the eTextbook, I noticed that it was in Flash. It was annoying how I have to get the browser, any browser to allow this plugin to go. I know I know, Flash is on its way out. Apple did a great job pushing it out initially. Now the world knows this platform is too problematic for the Internet.

I was wondering, was a similar eTextbook made in html5? If it wasn’t, then maybe I could make it.

It didn’t take very long to see it was already made, almost exactly as the Flash version:

So a question: why hasn’t the English Institute implemented a html5 version of all of their textbooks?

A curious question. For me.

Making Dinky Songs

I make small songs with Figure. It’s a fun music app that allows me to plunk down the rhythm, bass, and lead instruments in minutes. I can stick a album cover (sometimes my artwork, other times photos) and I found that I could make a full song repeating in Garageband. I managed to free up space in the iPhone 6S Plus to install it. Still figuring stuff out here and there and trying to keep a curious and discomfort to keep growing with my music skills.

Creative Reality

The fact is that I’ll never reach the heights of the artists and musicians I know. The only thing I can do is to create new artwork and music and be a little better.

That’s one area I can control: Can I be a little better than I was yesterday? Creativity is always something I can do to my dying breath. Can I be a little better?

Letting Emotions Come and Go

Lots of intensive emotions.

Whether it’s at home or at work, I see the rising emotions and pain. I get caught up with it at times and be swept by it like a forty-foot tidal wave crashing down on unsuspecting cars in a parking lot near the ocean.

When things hit you, you can only do so much. Fortunately, such emotions aren’t overly physical. I can observe and decide not to engage in the conflict. I can control and direct my mind in a response… no. I don’t have to respond to it. I don’t have to answer the bell. I can see it and hear it. I don’t have to answer it.

A tough lesson that I’m still learning. Even when people around me could be utterly messed up or breaking down, I don’t have to follow that path. I can support and perhaps encourage or suggest.


Anyhow, a lot of stuff happening. I’ve got some goals written down. I’m intending to accomplish them. And no, I’m not sharing them right now.

Everything could fail. I can have nothing left in days. But I’ll do whatever I can.

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