Weathering the Storm

Going Over Some Bad Patches

Today was a day of sun and dark clouds.

In the morning I felt alright. I did my morning swim and pep rally. I took Da Little One to a nice new playground, where he played with cubes, balls, and loud, traditional, musical, Korean instruments and other kids.

In the afternoon, things felt bleak.

Low Energy and Tons of Work

I had no reason to feel awful. It could be because of the low energy I felt after looking after the Little One. It could be due to the amount of preparation I have to do for the coming winter vacation at the English institution. I have booklets to make for various levels and they’re time-consuming.

It could be due to the amount of stuff I have to look at and the thing I want to do. I mean to work on my side-hustle of building my online business. I mean to do some of my hobbies in the arts.

Was it due to a lack of finances? Did people look at me the wrong way? Am I sad that 2016 coming to a close?


See the Problems for What They Are

Really look at issues at hand.

What is the problem? What is the solution? What are the steps to solving the problem? Can I take the first step right now?

How to Make a Booklet

First, download the resource files.

Second, check the file for errors and fix them.

Third, convert the file into a PDF.

Fourth, repeat the same steps with the next file.

Fifth, keep doing that until I have all the resources made into a PDF file.

Sixth, combine the files into one document.

Finally, print.

How to Make a Booklet for My Special Classes

First, figure out which content is needed for my classes.

Second, take the contents and make them into a document.

Third, convert the document into a PDF.

Fourth, print.

How to Make Time for My Work

First, determine the best time to do it. I think early morning before my family gets up.

Second, make a block of time. Start small since that is manageable. When you get used to the time, then increase it.


When I see the problem and the steps to the solution, I gain some poise.

With all problems, big or small, face them. Find the steps.

They don’t have to be perfect. You just need to be able the first step and continue forward to what is visible.

Weathering the storm requires you to know what’s going on. Then paths of action can be made to remedy the situation.

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