Sometimes Crap Is on Your Menu

Life, at times, doesn’t go the way you want.

The process of planning and writing can be made and all you have junk in your hands.

When you’re not ready for it, things get pretty chaotic.

Like now.

Yet I struggle with it.

I want to work at it.

I expect to get something done. But I keep expectations realistic.

The garbage that comes out is horrific. Yet I still press on to the end.

Honestly, I wonder if this post should be published. But it will, warts and all.

That also goes for my drawings and any other work I do.

Believe me, when I write this, I’m really doing the best I can.

I feel the heat getting hotter and hotter in my notebook. I think I have to take it to the shop and deal with the dust inside.

It hasn’t felt this hot in ages.

I wish that I can twist myself out of the writing. But as I teach my classes 5 days a week, I compel myself to write 7 days. Regardless of the quality.

At least I don’t have to worry about the quality (so far) in Cyper.

I just have to get through the process.

Yes, I’m feeling a lot of frustration personally. I have the physical and mental toll raging in mind and soul.

But I keep going. I keep going with the other elements of work.

In the muck, I’ll find my way out of it. I’ll plow through the storm and the sun.

I may not smell like roses, but I’ll take counsel in finishing what I’ve started.

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