Committed to Being


I look at the words.






For today, I look to commit to some things. What am I going to commit?

I have plenty of opportunities to help at home with Da Missus and Da Boys. At the English Institute, I can help all the students I’m teaching. Perhaps they may commit to a presentation contest offered online. If they’re willing, I’m going to do all I can to help them succeed.

I can help English teachers with their work. There’s a presentation that will happen tomorrow and I can commit to getting it done as best as possible.

I can demonstrate my courage by doing the things I’ve planned. I feel fear at times when I write these posts. I feel fear when I see a big personal project that I know has to be done but I can’t stand the potential pain.

Push for exposure. See the task at hand and give it all I got. Work through the mental anguish. Hopefully, it’ll either get easier or I can cope with the thorn sticking into my side.

Show kindness to everyone that I meet. See if I can do something that’ll make their lives easier if the chance happens to come up. Seek to understand by listening.

I had a good chance to show kindness to Joe. I listened when he spoke. I took his hand to keep it warm. When I talked to him, I did it gently. I’m eager to show this kindness to him and his brother.

And gratitude.

I’m thankful to write the words down into the post. I’m thankful to Da Missus, taking care of the family.

I’m thankful to God in the morning when I took early morning service online. Whatever crumbs I can take to be grateful since they can wash the emotions that can suck my energy away.

The chance to write is great and I hope to continue to write more. Find things to explore and explain. Enjoy these moments of my life and others.

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