A Letter to Myself in 2019

Dear Michael,

You’re writing this letter to explain what a successful Well Challenge from the New York Times means to you.

Why did you sign up to this? Actually, you signed up for many, many things: From email, advertisements to websites that have pop-up windows that say, ‘Join me to the dark side of the force.” You’re quite a sucker for sign-ups and rarely think about the consequences of doing that. You’re quite compulsive in that way.

And in your mind, you think will make this commitment. At least this is in writing, a public post to the world, to finish each thing.

The challenge reminds you to keep your mind open in all things it will give you to do.

The challenge tells you to consider the 4 challenge areas – Move, Refresh, Connect, and Nourish.

How much are you moving now? These days, not much. Just a few days before, you were walking almost an hour a day, doing around 10,000 steps. You want to get back, day to day.

What is the state of your mind and spirit? It comes and goes, doesn’t it? It could be because you don’t set a consistent time of day. But for the last few days, you have been meditation between a minute to 20 and reading the Bible plan for a year. Inconsistent prayer is being done, but you have prayed at least once a day. Remember to look up and within!

What is the state of your closest relationships? They are Da Missus, Da Boys. Maybe your Dad, but there are some landmines you need to step around these days. You want to have meaningful talks with Da Missus, Da Boy, and the Little One. You want to help them. You want to listen to them. You want to make a meaningful impact. Look to improve them each day.

How are you eating? Today? You’ve been eating like a pig since you celebrated Da Missus’s uncle’s eightieth birthday. It was a little lonely but a fun time. You want to eat less. You want to eat more fruits and vegetables. You want to eat dinner as early as possible or none at all. Your belly will thank you for it.

How do you want to feel in 30 days, Michael? You want to feel slim, less pain throughout the body, more hair on the head (that may be beyond this challenge but who knows). You hope to be more focused, hopeful, mindful. You hope you will work toward systems that will achieve your goals.

You the steps. You went through the helpful tips.

The letter is on Cyper. Whahoo. You will likely share this on Twitter you think?

You hope, for a change, you’ll stick this to the end. You think this would be a great start to the new year.



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