I Got too High and Low

In the story or Icarus, his father Daedalus told his son, before they took flight, too not fly to high because the sun would melt the wax on his wings and not fly too low because his wings would be wet from the sea breeze, making him heavier and stop his wings from stop working and fall.

I mentioned before about Coach Casey saying not to get too high or too low since the regular season is so long.

I’m reminded what happens when you fly too high or too low today.

I crashed and burned the entire Sunday afternoon.

It started out well enough: I got to church early with Da Boy. Da Little One stayed at home since he had a fever, so the Da Missus stayed to look after him.

We got there early because Da Boy wanted to meet his friends before service. I got there so early that I had time to drink some coffee before entering the main sanctuary.

Today’s Sermon

The sermon was about creating new work. In Genesis chapter 1, God started his work on creating a world. He made many things in 7 days; from light to finally making man and woman in his image.

God used words to make these things come to reality. We have a similar power: We can use the words coming from our mouths and minds to create our own reality. That being said, we can do much good and bad in what we say and do.

The sermon brought about positivity and hope for how I can go about the day. In my thoughts, I planned to do the work in the afternoon, encourage Da Boy to work as well.

The problem was, I got too high. I didn’t think about about how the wings I had were melting in the sun and I was going to smack down into the sea.

The Afternoon Plan Gone Awry

It started out well in early in the afternoon. Da Boy took a nap. Da Little One rested often because the fever kept coming back when the medicine wore off.

I was set to go about my day. But my mind wandered just a little after the high of the morning service. Then I got lazy and did nothing what I intended.

Later in the evening, Da Boy complained (understandably) because I didn’t help him out and broke some promises with him. I felt the things I did in the morning come crashing down like a huge wave smacking the shore and the people in the vicinity.

I know, before the day is over, I intend to reconcile with him. My lack of consistency and letting my emotions dictate the pace is going to cause problems in the future.

Notes And Arrghs

  • Never get too high or low.
  • Write your intentions on paper.
  • Execute what you have on paper.
  • Whatever you have kept in your plans, do the best to keep them.
  • If you can’t, make the adjustments so you won’t fall down too hard or face disappointment from others.
  • Things do mess up and plans fail often. Learn from them and adjust accordingly.

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