Bury the Hatchets

Burning in the Fat Head

I’ve had days where I got so angry at someone or something that I couldn’t remember why I got angry in the first place.

I was like a chubby human torch. The burning man. Mr. burning fat head. Imaginary flames rising from my head along with real steam.

Much time, energy, focus used and wasted. I was in there for too long.

But Acknowledge the Emotions

At the same time, you shouldn’t cap it, suppress it, or hide it. All emotions you feel should be allowed to enter so you can see it and understand it.

Once that’s done, let it go, like a helium red balloon that flies into the blue sky and disappears

Forgive and Reconcile With all

I got angry with Da Boy from yesterday. He’s quick to point out my shortcomings and mistakes so that his mistakes and vices wouldn’t come up in the conversation.

It was an aggravating and frustrating dialogue.

I was still angry today as I took Da Little One to the hospital early in the morning with Da Missus. His fever hovered around 49°C the night before. I kept wiping his arms, chest, and legs with a warm towel.

In the morning, Da Little felt like vomiting. We were worried that he might have the flu that was going around. After a couple of hours of being tested and waiting for the results, we were relieved that it wasn’t the flu. It ended up being a combination of inflamed intestines and a cold. We had to be careful with what he eats and make sure to keep his cold, fever, and indigestion in check.

A lot of medicine and hopefully a full recovery.

But the anger remained until the evening. While Da Missus and I walked toward Homeplus to look for bananas (one of the few foods Da Little can eat in terms of fruit) she told me that Da Boy wanted to patch things up.

When I heard that, the anger receded a little. I felt silly and immature. I let the anger stay too long. I could release my grip a bit.

I walked toward where they sold the Cider and found a deal on latte milk. I bought those with some broccoli. We took it home and things started to come down.

Notes And Arrghs

  • It’s best to forgive all as soon as you can. For your sake.
  • The only person hurt when anger and hate resides is you.
  • Forgive and let things go for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Pray to receive forgiveness and forgive others. Mercy is needed on both sides to release those valves of extreme tension.

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