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Down, Down the Rankings

I’m not anywhere in the top rankings of Google. I’m sure I can do something more about it, but I feel… limited.

A combination of my lack of faith and skill. I require growth, but I don’t have the capacity of getting out of my comfort zone.

Then I must be dying. But aren’t we all?

Is Anything Too Hard for God?

I read from the Bible about how 3 men came to visit Abraham and Sarah. They are to be father and mother of nations but have no child to carry their family. Sure, Abraham had Ishmael, but God said he will have a child with Sarah at the ripe old age near the century mark.

The 3 men told them again, in a year’s time, Sarah will have a son. She laughs. God says, “Why do you laugh? Is there anything too hard for me?”

She realizes she just laughed at God and lied. Well, God saw through that.

I read that story and thought about my situation and circumstances. My prayer, at this time, is to handle the financial difficulties that I’m facing. My prayer is that the family members struggling in term of money find a way to solve it.

I wish that I earn the money to support those I care for. At the moment, it’s beyond my capacity.

This situation is stressful and seems to have no remedy. I pray for mercy and a way to solve these problems I face. The silver lining is that I communicate more with the higher powers that be. I wish it didn’t come in these circumstances.

It is what it is.

I’m sloppy. I’m uncertain. But I have to be positive and believe there is a way to get through all this.

Notes And Arrghs

  • Instead of fleeing, face the problems with courage and understanding.
  • If the past do catch up with you, deal with it.
  • Remember why you are doing the things you do.
  • Seek solutions.
  • Keep the faith, even if there seems to be no way out.
  • Remember that it’s your choice to respond to the situations in front of you.

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