Da Boy Comes Home

I get a call from Da Missus around 7:30. I knew what to do. I had to get dressed with Da Little One and head to the hospital.

I did my best to wash up quickly with Da Little One and got our clothes on. We headed down to the car and drove us to the hospital. The morning traffic was typically slow in some parts, but the drive didn’t take too long.

When we got there, I saw tray of food covered up. Da Boy was still sleeping. Da Missus looked well and reasonably happy. I am relieved.

I helped feed Da Boy. His wrist still hurt from the surgery. It’ll be awhile before it heals. He will be discharged from the hospital today before noon.

I helped him eat breakfast. Da Little One fidgeted and was easily distracted. The TV showed constant news of the meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. I think to myself, “I hope their meeting goes well and benefits everyone involved.”

Da Missus and I would go down to the first floor to get coffee at Ediya and buy a Pokemon sticker book at CU since she had a coupon that had to be used up today. It was part of a credit card she was intending to cancel.

Da Boy got discharged. We all got into the car and went to Emart to use up another coupon that was part of the credit card that she was going to cancel.

When we got home, I showered quickly and ate lunch. Then I got ready to go to work.

Sleep Early

If there’s anything I gotta do and I’m not doing well is sleep early. If I do that, I can wake up early.

Then I can do the work I want to do.

Easier said than done. My vices and other things got in the way.

Hopefully I can sleep early tonight. Then I can rise earlier.

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