2020 Creed

A New Start

Every day is a new beginning. Treat the morning as something new, wondrous. Appreciate the morning with a prayer and thanks.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

The past needs to be left alone. It is done. It is gone.

At best, the past teaches lessons that need to be learned today so that you can do the right things as you move forward. Some parts of the past could create problems. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Look forward and do the right thing.

My Goals

This year I make some goals and do them.

I create:

  1. my art
  2. my writing
  3. my music
  4. my side projects daily.

Make your plans to do these things, be prepared to change them or throw them out completely. But get them done.

In all the things I do will be connected to creation. I know that if I take the time to create, God will be there to guide me.

I will do my best to learn from creation and create daily. One piece of art, one piece of writing, one piece of music.

Work on the process of making art, writing, and music. Improve the process, if possible. Do the process daily.

Read Like a (Thoughtful) Madman

Read deeply for at least 45 minutes. Take notes. I work on understanding what I am reading and care not so much of how many books I read. I didn’t read that many books last year. Too much Facebook, sports, YouTube, Twitter.

Well, I’ll shoot to read one book a week.

Read the entire Bible for the year. If possible, read a little deeper. Read every day. Avoid reading too much at one time like I did last year. Too much meaning and learning lost.

Do My Job Good

Work is work and it pays the bills. Do the best as you can at the English institute. Get better at it. Jot down notes of what went well and what went crappy. All are helpful in making you a better teacher.

Help everyone at work: the teachers, the managers, the owners, and the students. Stay positive as much as you can. When I teach better, I learn more deeply. Teaching is a win-win scenario for the teacher and the students.

Have fun with the classes! If the students are enjoying the classes, I’m sure I’m having fun.

Family Time is Gold

Spending time with family is gold. Spend quality good time with my family. Listen to them deeply. Give your full attention to them. Help them when they need it. Love them unconditionally. Go out with them. Go places. Smile. Laugh without a care in the world. Cry if their heart aches deeply. Never take for granted the time you spend with them.

Have Faith

Believe life is getting better. Believe that the challenges that face you physically, mentally, spiritually, financially are the challenges you need to become a better person. Believe God is there to help you. Strive to create your masterpiece every day.

Churn out Ten Ideas

This time, I make ten ideas like James Altucher does daily. I’ll do it right now:

10 Ideas for a side project:

  1. Write and illustrate a Children’s Book
  2. Design and sell T-shirts
  3. Design and sell smartphone cases
  4. Upload videos of the games I play into YouTube and making a channel out of it
  5. Design and sell notebooks
  6. Design and sell planners
  7. Recommend a product or service at my website that I use and love
  8. Write blog posts of the things I enjoy and hopefully entertain or help readers
  9. Create some really good art and post them on Instagram for a change
  10. Upload videos of myself talking about nutty things?!

Alright, that’s enough. See you next time 🙂

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