Doing Nothing is Okay

Lots of Things to Do and I Do Nothing

Yes, this is me trying to convince myself that doing a bunch of nothing all day is alright.

I do a lot of nothing on Saturdays. Sometimes, I will help Da Boys here and there with things. Sometimes, I do some work. At the end of the week, I look forward to the rest. My body needs to recharge. After long hours at the English Institute, I have seen my body break down. The adrenaline is gone and the pain strikes different parts of my body.

I curl up in the bed and put the covers over my head to cover my head from the sunlight.

I know I should use my time more wisely. I am guilty of not maximizing my productivity. I should definitely be doing the work.

That guilt brought me to the laptop and plunk down the words for today’s post.

I am reminded of Confucius saying, from Brain Quote:

That is why I am typing the post with an hour left today.

I still have like three hundred and twenty words left to write in this post…

10 Ideas to do the Work:

  1. Start early (5:00 am)
  2. Have a routine
  3. The routine should include:
  4. Sleeping seven hours
  5. Meditating for twenty minutes
  6. Reading for forty-five minutes
  7. Visualizing your day
  8. Avoiding vices by staying busy
  9. Working on your projects for at least five minutes a day
  10. Plan tomorrow before you go to bed

Okay, I am nearing the halfway point of the post! 🙂

About This Nothing Business

Being bored is actually good for you. In this age of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and TVs, we sure have a lot of things that can easily grab our attention. We look inside any of these devices, we got social media, websites, games… I can spend hours on the Internet (and I have) and have nothing done. But we feel this sense of accomplishment.

It is a lie, of course.

Boredom is something many people want to avoid, including me. I can hear da boys literally asking me if they can play with a smartphone or tablet or laptop.

But I know this: Doing nothing does great things to clear my mind. Vacuuming the floor. washing the dishes. Do the laundry. Hanging the laundry. Going out for a walk despite the microdust messing with my lungs.

The Awful Air in Korea and Around the World

I’ve had this bad cough today and I think it was due to the microdust. Speaking of toxic air, look at Australia. I wonder if that air is coming to Korea. Well, it’s definitely going to New Zealand. I think we need to seriously think about climate change and fight it seriously worldwide. No amount of money is worth losing the air.

And US President Trump takes out Iranian general. I can’t avoid the news if I’m online. It’s brutal.

Fifteen words left.

What can I do at this stage? At best, do the work. Pray about the things that are happening around the world and for my family.

We as individuals can try to do the right thing. And hopefully, that will make a good impact on the world.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow. 🙂

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