Working Through the Fog

Three Days In

The third day of January.

While I’m doing two-thirds of the work earlier in the day, the writing is done late… much to my dismay.

But what can I do? I have only so much time in the day.

I could spend less time on my leisure, sure… But I’m spending a lot less on that these days…

I’m expecting myself to fail soon. What I am doing now is not sustainable, I think.

But, for today, that will not likely be the case.

A Short Poem

I really meant to write something creative

But I feel this piece of writing is in doubt

My intention does not equate a good piece of work

But I do it without a spout

So does this mean I will finish this poem?

Well, sure, I’ll get there enough

And the silliness of life is still around the block

Where I can see ten penguins singing ‘Clout’

10 Things I am Grateful for:

  1. My work at the English Institute
  2. The students I taught today
  3. The energy I used to teach the students
  4. Last night’s dream. I never dream a dream that was so detailed and confusing
  5. The chance to write today’s post.
  6. Seeing one of da boys coming home a little earlier than usual.
  7. Doing my morning exercise on the running machine, dumbbells, and the upside machine
  8. My iPhone 6s Plus still operating in relatively good condition
  9. Nearly reaching 10,000 steps
  10. Getting around to drawing, writing, and making music

Somewhere Here Is There

It’s amazing when you write without thought. A lot of things can be done.

I read it and read it and conclude I’ve written certified junk.

I’ve been silly for some time. I didn’t mean to be like that. Well, actually I did.

I did it to make people smile and feel better. A good laugh here. A little care there.

I am doing my best to be a nice authentic person. Easier said than done.

As much as it is nice to produce and do some sort of quantity, I gotta get better. Not this aimless better stuff, but real objective improvement.

I really do not know where I need to go to make the big changes in life. For now, I write with what I got.

Consistency has a little higher priority than improvement. But I’m bound to improve as I write, right?

Reaching Five Hundred Words

Yes. This is my intention. To reach five hundred words.

Up to this point, I have reached four hundred twelve words. And the number keeps rising as I write.

I am sure to regret publishing this post. Or maybe not.

I haven’t written a post three days straight for months. And I feel excited to get going on this.

Not it is four hundred and fifty-eight! Fantastic! And it keeps going and going…

10 Ideas for Drawing:

  1. Drawing game characters
  2. Drawing superheroes
  3. Drawing my own ideas stolen from others
  4. Drawing trees
  5. Drawing cars
  6. Drawing Moomin
  7. Drawing things around the house
  8. Drawing my family
  9. Drawing cartoon characters
  10. Drawing random stuff with my chicken scratch

Okay, that is it for now. See you tomorrow! 🙂

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