and writing. Its possible this could be my shortest post. but I’ll write anyways. i had 1000cc of cream beer. I’m feeling quite good and I had a small gap of time to write. im glad. damn. I wish autocorrect was working properly. anywhos. im glad that life is life. Talking to Da Missus’s friend […]

Even the baby steps are important. When do you tell a mother that you should stop helping your baby to walk? You don’t. The baby will learn to walk. period. I heard this from Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn. It’s hard to write this post. But it’s on the list of my important things. So […]

Courage. When I read this word, two things come to mind: Dan Rather and the Tragically Hip. When I think about the word, courage, it’s something I know I have but rarely do. That’s how I feel. Courage to face these times. The dread of thinking of what I should do. Important things in my […]

Today. I look at the words. Commit. Help. Courage. Kindness. Gratitude. For today, I look to commit to some things. What am I going to commit? I have plenty of opportunities to help at home with Da Missus and Da Boys. At the English Institute, I can help all the students I’m teaching. Perhaps they […]

When you start, you go. You do it until you finish. Halfway stuff is bullcrap unless you know you can continue the next day. Regardless make the steps. Make sure you do the steps that are to be done that day. If you fall and it can’t be helped, brace for impact. Last weekend, my […]

So late to start. At the same time, so early as well. Anyhow. Trash Talk Episode #2 Just been watching GaryVee: Gary goes to garage sales, find items that (likely) has the potential to sell more online. He sure knows his stuff. I think this would be doable from my area in Toronto and the […]

I have constant fear when it comes to learning new things. I remember seeing Photoshop for the first time in a art studio I resided for a year. I thought it was fantastic that you can create art, colour your illustrations. And I was deathly afraid of it. I saw my other friends that were […]

Get Back to Writing I’ve been meaning to do this for months. Then I came across this post from Medium. And that did it. But I’ve haven’t written it yet. What is my true sentence? At times, I’ve seen this one true sentence during the day. I’ve heard it while going on the bus to the English […]

Time has passed quite quickly. And I feel lost in the midst of it all. I think, looking at my smartphone, brings this feeling of being lost. So much information. So much goodness. So much pain. The real world is full of everything on top of that. I’m feeling pretty down, especially from a beatdown […]

Writing 500 words is essentially 5 paragraphs. From what I remember about making paragraphs, we need a topic sentence. Then we have supporting sentences that support the topic sentence and end it with a concluding sentence. The structure has a beginning, middle, and end. Each sentence from the beginning, into the middle, to the last […]