I really don’t like pain. But I’ve reached a point where the pain is inevitable. It is what it is. I’ve trapped myself in a corner and now I have to find a way to get out. Potential harm to myself and others is a real possibility. So what am I doing about this? Intention. […]

It didn’t work out exactly as I wanted, but I got much closer. That was encouraging. I got up at 5:00 am. That was possible because I actually went to bed around 10:30 pm. It’s my guess I went to bed at that time. It was due to a headache I had at the institute. […]

I woke up at 8:00. I started my routine. The only thing I didn’t do is exercise. The weather is rather hot and I’m hesitant for some reason. I was determined to dabble. I thought about my outcome. I tried to take action on what I wanted to do. I didn’t try to see if […]

I’m trying to get back to making content. I’m also getting my kids into the act. The summer’s here and the time’s right for my kids to make stuff. Things they like every day. We eat too much content. We get a kick out of the entertainment in YouTube (big time), Facebook (big time but […]

I feel stupid. I don’t think I have anything of value when I write something. Whether it’s here at Cyper, my journal, whatever. SLAP! I just caught a mosquito. It had blood inside. (Incredible.) And there are more mosquitoes flying around. I’m certain of it. You should add Elementor into Cyper! My mind is all […]

Everything is to your benefit if you want it to be. It is our perception that determines the situation. Ah, so you’re an optimist. Yeah, you can think that way when you see what I’ve written. The thing is, would you rather feel rotten of what has happened? Or you would rather seek the lesson […]

The second that seems the same is not. One example that clearly showed me this (and I need constant reminders) is the helical model of the solar system. I remember seeing this, slightly shocked, and realized, while living in the confines of time, we are in constant movement. We are changing whether we like it […]

Just delving in, without a care in the world. I have no idea what I’m about to write is going to be any good. I’m sure a lot of the stuff that’s going to be posted today will be pretty crappy. That’s okay. Just got out of my second 20-minute meditation. This one was about […]

Every time you fall… you get back up. Until when? When you fall asleep into eternity. These days, not writing has got me into several bad habits: not drawing falling to my vices sleeping/waking late eating late at night… I don’t think this post is going to be the cure all for my situation. But, […]

And I’m a little chubby. A small start and potentially lead to big gains. An early, small start is like a butterfly flapping its wings and becoming a massive storm on the other side of the world. Well, not really. But small daily changes is a big deal. Recorded on paper. In a journal. It’s […]