Hanging on On a day that featured utter chaos and the wheels flying off at any moment, I held on. My eyes are still blurry. I do take comfort that I kept going and getting things done. I also think that I should’ve done more. I should’ve prepared better. I’m full of excuses and that […]

Today, I experienced a glorious morning. It was followed by utter crap that I deserved. It hurt like hell. And I deserved it. My response was silently awful. I sighed deeply. And I knew I deserved the words written. I kept these words inside and they infested my mind and nerves. They spoiled the morning. […]

Thoughts And Desires for Each Day Happy New Year! I hope everyone each day be happy, healthy, and getting the things they need. I also hope that everyone create goals they truly want to achieve, create processes and routines to move toward them. Finally, I hope everyone has the courage to face the fears and […]

So we reach the end of 2018. For me, it’s about 3 hours and a half, give or take. So what did I learn about this year? What big things has happened? Well, in no particular order… Da Little One Graduates from Kindergarten, Entering Elementary School It’s hard to believe that he finished two years […]

The struggle is real. Each time I get down to write a post, I already ask this question: “Can’t we do this another day?” My answer, after opening up WordPress and pressing add a new post and typing a quick title, was, “No.” I can’t give an inch to the things I want to get […]

It just gets better. Writing almost at the same time. I’m not only feeling tired but bloated too. All day, I fell to the vices in the morning. The exhaustion of the week working catches up and I fell asleep in the afternoon for a couple of hours. I simply stayed at home, away from […]

A little late. Bit by bit, it feels like the wheels are falling off. It’s so easy to do. I was thinking, for a few seconds, that I should write tomorrow. Tomorrow. It already arrived. So the best time to write is now, while tummy is filled, being quite sleepy. I’ll write now, thank you. […]

What can I do when I rise early and waste the minutes? Then it was time for me to go to the English institute. I had to attend a meeting related to that. The time goes quickly. I regret how I missed the opportunity to do the work when I was able. But life goes […]

Bringing Energy NBA players talk a lot about bringing energy to the game, their teammates. It helps with getting buckets, assists, going back on defense, and steals. Every play that doesn’t have the right energy changes momentum quickly, even catastrophically. It’s a good thing that it’s mostly contained within a single game. At my age, […]

WordPress’s Big Jump Before I start, I just want to say what a change WordPress has made with 5.0.2. more specifically 5.0. They eliminated a lot of options from the post and made it much more structured and minimal. I got confused for a few minutes, trying to figure it all out. My brain wishes […]