Under a lot of pressure these days. A lot of it is related to work and money. I can imagine I’m not the only one facing this. Life is difficult. Everyone has their own things that are bothering them lightly or heavily. Some face it as a challenge that allows them to grow. Others see […]

This will be a triple header. In the morning, I plan to write 2 posts from my head. If possible, I’ll try for 3. For a change, I’m writing them in the morning instead of late at night. This happened for several reasons. Not Enough Time I admit this time has always been a very […]

So there Is an H1 I found it in the right side. Glad to see it hasn’t disappeared from WordPress 5.0. Anyhow… Down, Down the Rankings I’m not anywhere in the top rankings of Google. I’m sure I can do something more about it, but I feel… limited. A combination of my lack of faith […]

Burning in the Fat Head I’ve had days where I got so angry at someone or something that I couldn’t remember why I got angry in the first place. I was like a chubby human torch. The burning man. Mr. burning fat head. Imaginary flames rising from my head along with real steam. Much time, […]

In the story or Icarus, his father Daedalus told his son, before they took flight, too not fly to high because the sun would melt the wax on his wings and not fly too low because his wings would be wet from the sea breeze, making him heavier and stop his wings from stop working […]

Dear Michael, You’re writing this letter to explain what a successful Well Challenge from the New York Times means to you. Why did you sign up to this? Actually, you signed up for many, many things: From email, advertisements to websites that have pop-up windows that say, ‘Join me to the dark side of the […]

I’m reminded that are all things are not forever. They can go long. Quite long. But all things do come to an end. It’s good and bad. I guess that’s why I’ve heard NBA coaches like Dwane Casey say, “Never get too high and never too low.” Keep it level. I’ve been tested for the […]

Hanging on On a day that featured utter chaos and the wheels flying off at any moment, I held on. My eyes are still blurry. I do take comfort that I kept going and getting things done. I also think that I should’ve done more. I should’ve prepared better. I’m full of excuses and that […]

Today, I experienced a glorious morning. It was followed by utter crap that I deserved. It hurt like hell. And I deserved it. My response was silently awful. I sighed deeply. And I knew I deserved the words written. I kept these words inside and they infested my mind and nerves. They spoiled the morning. […]

Thoughts And Desires for Each Day Happy New Year! I hope everyone each day be happy, healthy, and getting the things they need. I also hope that everyone create goals they truly want to achieve, create processes and routines to move toward them. Finally, I hope everyone has the courage to face the fears and […]